Chrome Mac Instructions (if you are using safari or firefox, you should consider using Chrome as those will fail on a number of USC sites that are designed for Windows).

  1. Start Chrome.
  2. In upper right, click on Chrome, then click on preferences or press command ‘,’
  3. n second section, “On startup”, select “Open a specific page”, and click “Set pages”, Type
  4. Remove any old entries (e.g.  The intranet page has both google and pubmed search boxes, so feel free to not have google as home page.

  5. The content of this page can be edited.  At this very early stage, Heather is the primary person leading content though overtime others will as well..  This is meant for internal use only & will not be indexable or searchable via Google.  It won’t require passwords, but some content such as cell phone numbers require you to be login’d to you USC email via Chrome.